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Aldiss-Randalls Gold Project, Australia

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Aldiss-Randalls Gold Project, Australia

Aldiss-Randalls Gold Project, Australia

The Aldiss-Randalls mine located Western Australia approximately 50km-100km Kalgoorlie. Owned Integra (acquired Solomon 2005) project 1,500km² consolidated tenement package including multiple pit underground deposits.

Primary resources mine include Salt Creek Maxwells Cock-eyed Bob. project includes Santa Area Rumbles Anamaly Randalls dam besides exploration prospects Lucky Bay Mohegan Dale.

The project being developed phases production 630,000oz its initial span 10 years. Phase focuses targeting initial annual production 90,000oz average grade 3.1g/t Maxwells Salt Creek pits.

Phase involve gradual ramp production 140,000oz 2012. involve underground production Santa Cock-eyed Bob deposits Maxwells underground deposit pit production becomes exhausted.

"The Salt Creek processing facility upgraded phase two."

Phase production Majestic deposit resource discovered 2010 22km Salt Creek.

Majestic forms joint venture Integra (85%) Newcrest Operations (15%). Salt Creek processing facility upgraded phase two.


Gold production mine September 2010 marking completion phase development. Production costs phase estimated A$574 per ounce resulting profit margin around $800 per ounce current prices.


The total consolidated resource Aldiss-Randalls Project estimated 20mt graded 2.7g/t gold.

Resources indicated category total 11.49mt graded 2.88g/t Aldiss Randalls deposits. Inferred resources amount 5.9mt 0.4mt graded 2.8g/t 3g/t respectively.

Aldiss-Randalls mine geology

The Randalls project lies within Eastern Goldfield towards north-east Bulong Anticline massive dipping sequence sediments volcanic rocks.

The Eastern Goldfield hosts attenuated northerly trending greenstone belts enclosed within elongate granitoids plutons complexes intrude belts. anastomising local scale faults featuring sinistral strike-slip dissect goldfield.

The stratigraphic sequence consists units upper basaltic lower basaltic unit. upper basalt underlies complex felsic volcanic volcaniclastic rocks consists komatiite affinities. sequence felsic volcanic volcaniclastic rocks unconformably overlain clastic sedimentary rocks. lower basaltic lies beneath komatite.

"Integra allocated $15m budget exploration."

The Majestic prospect dominated 2m 15m transported sequence stripped regolith profile hosts moderately poorly weathered granodiorite. mineralisation occurs within albite /silica / sericite altered pyrite mineralised granodiorite.

Mining processing

The mine operated pit techniques. processed Salt Creek process facility Randalls.

The 800,000tpa processing facility acquired Integra 2006 initially process Salt Creek Maxwell pits.

Future developments

Integra allocated $15m budget exploration. programme scheduled 2010/2011 involves drilling Majestic discovery define JORC resource establish potential resource.

Drilling undertaken Maxwells Santa Cock-eyed Bob deposits confirm depth extensions support phase expansion 140,000oz.

Regional drilling undertaken conceptual targets Aldiss Project.

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