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Granite Crusher and Granite Mill

Granite (Whose etymology is granum from Latin, meaning grain or particle) is kind of igneous rocks formed by the condensate of magma below the surface. The main component of granite mine is quartz, feldspar and mica. Usually feldspar amount in the granite rocks is more than quartz. Granite rocks’ color is usually yellow with pink, and gray. Granite rocks are of hard texture, beauty color and so it is very good building materials. The crushed granite rocks can also be made of cement or to fill dam. In addition to being used as advanced architectural decoration engineering, the hall ground, granite mine is also the best material choice for outdoor sculpture.

Granite is widely distributed in the earth surface, and is one of the natural rocks discovered and used by human early. Many non-ferrous minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, bismuth, molybdenum; precious metals such as gold, silver; rare metals such as niobium, tantalum, beryllium; radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium, etc., are all related to the granite mine. The density of granite is 2790-3070 kg/m3 and its compressive strength is 1000-3000 kg/cm2.

Granite and basalt both belong to volcanic rocks. As a kind of rocks with very broad distribution, granite have been produced in many countries, such as Poland, Vietnam, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, etc.

After having a general understanding of granite, we will briefly introduce to you granite crushing plant which is core in Poland granite quarry and mining. Raw granite rocks are feed into granite crusher (such as jaw crusher, coal crusher) continuously and evenly by vibrating feeder. There are one-stage, two stages granite crushing and three stages granite crushing. Whether you need secondary crusher and tertiary crusher or you just need primary granite crusher, it’s decided according to the requirement of granite quarry.

For further grinding, there is granite grinding mill, such as ball mill, coarse powder grinding mill, coal mill, etc. If you need granite crushing equipment or granite grinding machine, you may find the suitable mining equipment here.

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