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Boron Stone Crusher

Xuanshi, mining and construction machinery manufacturer can supply you related boron ore crushing equipments such as boron ore crusher or boron crusher, for example, boron jaw crusher, boron impact crusher, boron cone crusher and so on. Besides, after crushing stage, Xuanshi boron ore grinding mill or manganese mill are used widely in boron process in ore mining industry. In recent years, Xuanshi has developed advanced ore crusher-mobile crusher which is applied greatly in ore crushing industry.

In addition to supply boron ore crusher and boron ore grinding mill, we also offer you many related optional equipments such as vibrating feeder, vibratory screen, belt conveyor and sand washing machines. Xuanshi other industrial machines are also famous in mining industry or stone crushing process such as ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, hydraulic impact crusher, European jaw crusher, hammer crusher, VSI crusher, sand making machine, crawler type mobile crusher and so on.

Boron Basics
Boron is a typical non-metallic element. Boron in nature only exists as compounds, but the dispersion in the crust of the boron is widely distributed. Remarkably, pure boron is a rare substance; boron tends to form refractory material containing small amounts of carbon or other elements. Several allotropes of boron exist: amorphous boron is a brown powder and crystalline boron is black, extremely hard (about 9.5 on Mohs' scale), and a poor conductor at room temperature. Boron is used as a dopant in the semiconductor industry, while boron compounds play specialized roles as structural and refractory materials and reagents for the synthesis of organic compounds, including pharmaceuticals.

Boron Application
Boron in the glass, metallurgy, medicine, enamel, paint, household chemicals, agriculture, and advanced industrial sectors such as national defense is indispensable. Therefore, the boron resources development, utilization, for the development of modern industry, has an increasingly important role.

Boron bed now only distributed in a few major countries and regional distribution, are concentrated in the United States and Turkey, with its output accounting for about 90% of world production.

Many of the world's boron-containing minerals, according to the chemical composition of boron-containing minerals can be divided into three categories: boron silicate mineral, boron silicate and borate minerals. Xuanshi crusher machines can be used for crushing these minerals in ore mining industry.

Currently, industrial raw materials as boron are mainly the third category - borate minerals. These minerals are more than 100 kinds, but as a resource development and utilization of industrial boron only 10 kinds, such as natural borax, Magnesium, calcium boron hard stone, natural boric acid, sodium boron solution stone, column B and Mg stone.

Boron can be used widely in building materials or glass industry, enamel products industry, printing and dyeing industry, metallurgical, machinery, chemical, electronics, agriculture and so on.

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