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Xuanshi Machinery has designed and produced seven types of grinding mills according to fineness of final product, capacity and various industrial uses. Final products size rang is between 0.005mm and 2mm, the highest capacity is about 100t/h, dry and wet grinding process can be realized. The following technical standard must be consulted when choosing grinding mill type: 1. Size of final product; 2. Capacity per hour; 3. Industrial use of final product;


Below are classical grinding mill for your choose when your design your grinding plant. You can choose suitable grinding mill according to each machine feature.

LM vertical mill:  LM vertical mill is an ideal machine with crushing, drying, transporting together. LM grinding mill is widely used in cement, electrical power, metallurgy, chemical industry, nonmetallic ore, etc. Lump, granularity and powdery material can be ground into required powder. This series of grinding mill can produce large capacity, even more than 100t/h. Many structure types make large capacity come true. Professional plant can be made according to hardness and wetness of material.

MTW mill: MTW series of grinding mill is used to grind non-flammable and non-explosive material with Moh\'s hardness below 9. This mill is widely used in metallurgy, construction material, chemical industry, mine, etc. Fineness rang is between 33 and 600 micrometers.

Ball mill: Ball mill is used to grind non-flammable and non-explosive material with Moh\'s hardness below 7. Ball mill is a traditional grinding mill, with simple structure, stable operation, which can achieve wet and dry production ways. Product with different fineness can be got by changing length of Cylinder and diameter of ball. It has a wide range of use. As a traditional grinding mill, spare part life of Ball mill affects the mill economically. But it is irreplaceable in glass industry, steel slag processing, mineral processing and other fields.

MSB coarse mill: It is used to grind non-flammable and non-explosive material with Moh\'s hardness below 9. Size of final Product is smaller than 2mm, final product is mixture of powder and granule. This mill has dry and wet producing types.In some areas it can replace rod mill, mainly suitable for 0.1mm-2mm final product process. It is mostly used to process coarse powder. Such as quartz process. Additional, in the configuration of this equipment which will pre-grind the raw material can increase the Ball mill grinding efficiency greatly during ball milling process.

Beside, Xuanshi has other grinding mills for your choose, such as MTM mill, SCM ultrafine mill, Raymond mill .etc. If you want to grinding plant, you can choose grinding mill in Xuanshi. Additional, Xuanshi also supply many kinds of crushers. The bigger materials can feed to crusher firstly. When it is crushed smaller, it can be grinded by our grinding plant. So the grinding plant should include crushers. Xuanshi can supply the whole set of grinding plant, what even crushers and grinding mills.

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