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Sand Production Line

Core equipment for manufactured sand production is impact crusher. For impact crusher suitable feed size is required thus primary crushing and secondary crushing is necessary. impact crusher has a high energy and water consumption is necessary for manufactured sand production. We can provide most suitable design and offer for customers based on following datas: 1. name of the material; 2. feed size; 3. Capacity required.


Below are classical sand production line design for manufactured sand production:

1.Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + VSI5X sand making machine + vibrating screen: High crushing ratio of jaw crusher, secondary crusher of cone crusher ensures feed size and crushing efficiency of VSI5X sand making machine. VSI5X sand making machine is the third generation of manufactured sand equipment and has many important approvements on vital working parts, like spindly impact plates which has a much longer life time. Advanced hydraulic set used makes maintenance easier and it is suitable for large scale manufactured sand production line of high automation degree. This manufactured sand production line has a long consecutive working time, long life time for spare parts and easy maintenance.

2.Vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + secondary jaw crusher + VSI5X + vibrating screen: In this design secondary jaw crusher is used to replace cone crusher. It has a low once and for all investment cost and good overall economic benifites. The complete sand production line has a long life time for spare parts,long consecutive working time and easy maintenance.

3.Vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + secondary jaw crusher + PCL sand making machine + vibrating screen:  In this design PCL sand making machine is used to replace VSI5X sand making mach, which decrease once and for all investment cost again.

Above is Xuanshi classical sand production line. If you have additional requirement, our engneer will design depending your requirement. Believe that Xuanshi can satisfy your any requirement.

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